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You get up in the morning, stumble out of your bed, crawl towards your kitchen and reach out to the coffee maker like a desperate junkie. Most of us begin the day with a refreshing cup of coffee. Then during work hours it’s the only thing that keeps us going. And in the days of the deadline, it is literally a gift from the gods. It’s refreshing and brings out the best in us. And one can even say that no amount of coffee is too much. Well, they would be wrong. In a shocking new study, we find out that too much of coffee can kill you.

Tired of the traditional wedding cake? Want something different and unique for your special day? Well you just reached the perfect destination for your requirements. Break the age old tradition and be unique with these interesting wedding cakes!

top19 The most Amazing Wedding Cake Alternatives! Pizza

The “pizza cake” is the ultimate dish for pizza lovers. A delightful collection of mouth-watering Domino’s pizzas, designed in a wedding “cake” stack featuring all four pizza sizes, means the happy couple’s “cake” will still feature the all important tiers. Also, they will still be able to cut a slice for the cameras.